Sedona Mountain Bike Festival? Any DOD folks have an opinion to share?

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Greetings all,
I got spammed with the event details yesterday and followed the link...
The event looks pretty great, and if they deliver on the marketing promises, this seems like a pretty great bang for the buck! ...But, I have fallen for the "exterior shimmer" once or twice, so I am reaching out to any of you that may have been to this and/or know someone that has.  

Anyone that has some solid information regarding this event and the corresponding camping component, I would like to hear from you.  


Thank you!

- Josh 

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I don't know if Pete Prebus (the Carcass, for us long timers) is on this list, but he lives there part time now so would be the best source of intel on this fest.



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Hey Josh.. Zak and I went last year for our first time.. going again this year.. highly recommend, riding was awesome and views are unbelievable.. give me a buzz  and I can fill you in on some details.. 541-321-3233 Matt 

Matt Kincaid 

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