Pre Turkey Day Night Ride

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It's still a litttle over a week away, but get ready to have a good time at this one.

The night before Thanksgiving... it's our annual Pre-Turkey Ride and Social!
Join us for this special edition of the DOD Wednesday Night Ride!
This is a potluck, social, all abilities welcome ride and festivities. The potlucks from previous years have been fantastic, with everything from deep fried turkeys to a selection of favorite holiday treats and pies. Rain or shine-it'll be a fun time!

Where: Carpenter Bypass (South Parking Lot)

When: Wednesday 11/22

Time: 6pm


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two of the birds pictured above are slated to be served.  Deep fried!

somebody else should bring ....

need to pre-stretch my stomach for the holidays.

Paul Timm

DOD/Worker Bee

"Let us ride"

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They look like road turkeys as well, spread out in echelon formation. Will the second and third bird take their turns at the front?



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