Pants For A Cause

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Trail work has it's rewards, and for the second year in a row, the Willamette Mountain Mercantile "pants for a cause" has generously rewarded anyone with 30 + hours of trail work in the national forest districts of the McKenzie and Middle Fork to stop by the shop in Oakridge and pick out a new pair of pants.
Here's the list:
Peter O'Toole
Kim McGovern
Dave Hallock
Billy Ramsey
Paul Timm
Derrick Bell
Randy Rimby
Katrina Marshall
Shawn Litson
Tom Wright
Maria Limon
Austin Larson
Cory Fiala
Brian Fish
Bruce Burke
Al Bennett
Lee Wilkinson

Davey Sprockett
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I'm sitting here enjoying a beer and a bowl of fried rice and thinking, "This is awesome! Thanks, Willamette Mountain Mercantile."

Davey Sprockett

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