Oregon Timber Trail/Bunchgrass Trail Work Weekend

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An incredible new trail experience is being developed by the folks at Oregon Timber Trail to link an amazing network of trails from California to the Columbia River. One of the sections includes the truly epic backcountry trail east of Oakridge by the name of Bunchgrass.

Bunchgrass is always a struggle to ride, open, and maintain, but it’s certainly worth the effort!  To that end, Oregon Timber Trail is hosting a major work event June 16-18. Come on out for one day, or make it an extended weekend, and be a part of  this  legendary trail system.

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I've never been on this trail, but I want to, so I've signed up.


Davey Sprockett
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I'm signed up for all three days -- can't wait to help open Bunchgrass Trail once again. I don't believe it was cleared last year. Since the Bunchgrass traverses the legendary Warner Burn, each winter brings many dead trees down across its path. It's openness encourages the rampant growth of trailside brush.

For those who've never ridden Bunchgrass, know this: it is epic. Rugged. Remote. Challenging. With stunning views. Most riders who take on Bunchgrass in its entirety start at the eastern TH near Fuji Mtn and ride "downhill" to Oakridge. I put downhill in quotation marks because the descent of Bunchgrass includes 4,000' of elevation gain. (And over 8,000' loss!) This trail is part of the Eugene-To-Crest system. Starting from the eastern TH at around 6,000' elevation and heading west toward Oakridge, the Bunchgrass includes three sections:

  1. Big Bunchgrass (from Fuji to the top of the infamous switchbacks near NF-2408)
  2. Little Bunchgrass (switchbacks to NF-5871)
  3. Heckletooth (NF-5871 to Dunning Rd)

Here's a GPS track of the Bunchgrass in its entirety.

Lots of people ride the Heckletooth section. Fewer include Little Bunchgrass from the top of the switchbacks. Far fewer yet ever experience Big Bunchgrass. I hope things stay this way. The Big Bunchgrass section feels downright sacred and those who brave it deserve the solitude that its rugged remoteness promises. There are sections that even the best riders have to walk or carry their bikes. Bunchgrass Trail is appropriate for riders with intermediate skills and above.

Opening this amazing trail requires monumental effort. Teamwork makes the dream work -- please come out and help reopen the Bunchgrass. You will be rewarded whenever you ride it!

Davey Sprockett

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I scouted the Eagel Creek Rd. today and only got 5.2 miles up before the snow started, my Prius couldn't go any higher, but I was able to go under the trees across the road to get as high as I did.


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That road was starting to slide off the mountain a couple miles from the top.....wonder if it is still there?

Paul Timm

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We could use a long range drone to scout it, if we had one.


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