Ode to Joy

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Brock is adding shine to this trail on a regular basis and has this to say about his latest efforts.


"I flagged off/closed the newer stepup on Ode. It's safely ridden by those that do that sort of thing, however the tranny is too soft and not finished. I reworked it, took water down to help firm it and pack it, but ran out of water to finish it. I guinea pigged the work and the shape is fine (will get better) but will get beat down if ridden a bunch. 


I'm really OK if folks ride it, but only advanced riders until it firms and is finished but not sure there's a way to keep lesser riders off it...thus the ribbon across it. I just need to take 10 or so gallons and finish it. I'll keep you posted." 





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It's rideable again. It requires A LOT of speed coming over the rocks, but it's doable. 

Go give'er.




I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

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I still need to follow you off the bottom step down to complete my "ode" experience.



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Lee, assuming you're talking about the big jump on the right after the little rock garden that leads into a step-up on the other side, I think the new step-up is more challenging. Haven't hit it correctly yet and even the b-line to the left of the new step-up I sometimes botch.

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