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Lee, Paul, and I met with reps from the Army Corps of Engineers yesterday to discuss trail improvements and maintenance. Leaders from the equestrian community were also present as this is a multi-use trail. We found  agreement on planned multi-use improvements to ensure common goals are met for all users and the ACE. Currently, the only volunteer maintenance allowed is brushing, minor treadwork, and hand saw use. No chain saws and no realignemts are allowed. If you notice a trail maintenance need that falls outside these guidelines, contact me and I will notify the Corps. They have been notified of the current crop of trees down across the trail and will cut them out today.

Please do not misunderstand the Corps position on these guidelines. As federal land managers they have legal responsibilities to comply with. They both recognize that volunteers have been an important part of the current trail condition and value future contributions. Volunteer efforts can be leveraged for external funding opportunities, so they ask that we continue to report volunteer hours worked.

The Corps is working to develop a written trail maintenance agreement with the DOD that they plan to complete in the coming months.


Davey Sprockett
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Hi Peter,

Thank you SO much for your communication about North Shore Trail. Lack of communication within a club is the number one reason apathy creeps so I'm grateful to you for keeping DOD's members engaged.

I rode NS Trail yesterday (Sunday, 1/29 when it was sunny and warm like spring) and it was, for the most part, excellent. There's one huge tree down; sorry I didn't note the location. Meanwhile, many "minor" trouble spots remain. I've been an on-and-off trailworker on NS Trail for 30 years and can say for certain that this trail will always remain in need of attention. That's okay -- you should have seen it 30 years ago. It's improved so much from DOD's early days (& nights).

Personally I'd love to go out to North Shore and fix things -- anything and everything I can -- but I'll limit myself to performing trailwork as you've delineated above. Thanks again for taking the time, for caring, for communicating.

Davey Sprockett

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