Carpenter Bypass Logging Update

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Many of you have probably seen or heard about the recent news story which stated Carpenter Bypass would be closed to all users on weekdays beginning March 29th. This is simply not the case, and after a discussion with BLM to clarify the situation, here is what we learned:

The BLM will auction the Letz Ride (Carpenter Bypass area) timber sale on April 26. Normal timelines and expectations should result in no operations on the ground before June. Road construction and landings will be the first operations to occur, with partial weekday closures from 5am to 5pm Monday through Friday in areas being worked on.  These partial closures will continue for a 3-year period in areas being logged. Some trails within these closed areas will be open on the weekends when it is operationally feasible. When further information regarding this operation, including relevant safety, trail status or other procedures become available from the BLM, the DOD board will post it up on the club website and Facebook outlets.

So for now, get on out there and ride it!

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So, to summarize, what you're saying is....Whypass is closed to e-bikes. Got it. Thanks. :-) 


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