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At last night's board meeting (3/13/17), we voted in a new Treasurer, Justin Price and bumped Lee Wilkinson from Vice Chair to Chair. We have a great team of people on the board, all working in their free time to coordinate trail building, grants and fundraisers, rides and events, community engagement, and even all the boring stuff like insurance and taxes! 

We do have one vacant board position, which is Vice Chair. All members are welcome to apply. However, it's also likely to be filled by someone already on the board, so any of the positions could be vacant soon! Get to know your board of directors and how you can plug in your skills and interests to serve the mountain biking community. 

If you want to get more involved in leadership and projects behind the scenes, you can contact any of us directly, fill out the volunteer info form, or the contact form and we'll get you in touch with the right person.

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Thanks JP for stepping up!  Thanks all for all you do!

- Josh 

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JP is da man

see ya,

james the wannabe like..........


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And if you don't know who is on the board of directors... the list is tucked away on the Contact page.

I didn't, asked, and now you know also.


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