DOD Droppin': Enduro FUNdracer!

Event Date : 
Sat, 10/14/2017 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
Carpenter Bypass Trail System (Whypass)

Introducing Disciples of Dirt's first competitive event, and Enduro style mountain bike race! 

We want to showcase the awesome works of the dig crews, have a great time enjoying the fruits of our labor AND FINALLY find how who the queen and king of shred are at Whypass! There's going to be a few winners (Men, Women, kids classes are confirmed. Potentially an OAF (Old As F&$k) and HBFK (Heavy Breathing Fat Kid; big dudes) classes depending on who signs up. Entry fee is $50. Top two in each class get their entry fee returned PLUS each winner gets a great prize selection. Every racer gets into the raffle jammed with good stuff! There's going to be food, suds, soda...a grand time. Racers get it all included with their registration. Spectators can buy raffle tickets, food and suds. The fun and shenanigans are plentiful and free! There's plenty of good viewing spots so grab your tribe and come yell, encourage, whatever it is you do! 


While we want the winners to be winners and enjoy their dominance and victory, we also want to do things the DOD way: a bit different...a bit better than the rest. While "enduro" racing is all the rage...there's some taking themselves too seriously, plus the DOD isn't a business or corporation trying to make a living off things. We're all volunteers and one of the purposes of this race is to raise some dough for the good works we're doing. To that end (and the doing things different end) you can buy a shuttle for half of the transfers back to the top of the hill. Yep, instead of sitting on your seat, grinding, sweating and fighting gravity after having just slayed can sit back, relax, enjoy a cold beverage and let us do the work of getting you to the top. The three longest transfers are available for shuttle services. Shuttle service must be purchased upon signing in day of the race...NO EXCEPTIONS. $20 will get you the VIP service/shuttles. Don't want to do that? Don't. 


We're using some old and new faves in the Enduro style race. Get out there, practice and get your times down. 

The following trail segments will be used in their entirety (the order listed here may not be the order taken on race day):




Can't be done

Tree Hugger

Mama Tried

Ode to Joy


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Brock ( Want to volunteer? Contact Brock ( Directions to Whypass.



This will be an OBRA sanctioned race and OBRA license can be purchased day of upon registration/check in.

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