The IMBA Trail Care Crew demonstrate the essential elements of sustainable trails

It was back to school for forty or so DOD members last weekend when the IMBA Trail Care Crew came to town. After a day of workshops with local land managers—including those from the USFS, BLM and Eugene City Parks—crew members Jake and Jenny spent Saturday in Lorane sharing their expertise on building and maintaining sustainable mountain bike trails. The morning class session in the Lorane Grange Hall was followed by a tasty burrito lunch provided by Kona Bikes and Life Cycle… and then it was out to WhyPass for some hands-on trail building. Tools in hand we headed up Tree Hugger, and by the end of the afternoon we had decommissioned one sloppy fall-line section of trail and buffed out the alternate route with berms and drains. We were also able to armor a couple of spots with gravel— thanks to Ben Beamer and the GOATS’ power wheelbarrow. In addition, the IMBA crew flagged out a cool extension to this section of trail that will be built once a NEPA study of WhyPass is complete.

A huge thanks to IMBA, Jake and Jenny, and Taylor Bushnell for his work in getting the crew here. You can read Jake and Jenny’s blog post about their visit to Eugene and check out more pics of the trail building session on Flickr.