We have ourselves a winner!

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I am pleased to announce our new Public Relations and Communications director for your board of directors: Shawn Litson.

Shawn's energy, enthusiasm and passion to leave a legacy of mountain bike trails and advocacy will serve the Disciples Of Dirt well. When you see him on the trails give him a high five, hand shake, hug, pat on the chamois...whatever, but welcome him. Thanks for stepping up and thanks for thinking bigger than yourself Shawn. Now...Let Us Ride.




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Congrats Shawn. Thanks for stepping up to take on this job.

Davey Sprockett
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Welcome, Shawn!

Davey Sprockett

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the Disciples of Dirt family.  I look forward to serving this board and helping grow this amazing organization. 


Shawn Litson

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