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By popular request, there is a new feature that will allow you to Subscribe to the Forum topics, with some subtle variations:

1.  Any Forum Topic that you post in will automatically subscribe you to receive updates to that topic IMMEDIATELY.  To remove this autosubscription, click on My account underneath your username in the left column. Click on the "edit" tab.  Scroll down to "Messaging and Notifications" block and deselect the "Autosubscribe" checkbox.

2.  To Subscribe to ALL Forum Topics, browse to any Forum topic in the forums.  If you are logged in, you will see the "Subscribe to: Posts of type Forum topic".  Click that and all forum additions and comments will be sent immediately to your email address.  You may change the frequency by browsing to your user account (My account link under your username in the left column), then clicking the "Notifications" tab.  Modify your subscriptions and notifcations from that location.

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I have used this feature to read the forums pretty much exlusively. However, there is one frustration. The message is sent before the signature is added so for anyone who uses a canned signature it is mostly impossible to tell who wrote the message. Somehow it is always obvious which ones are from Davey though.

Bob Carlson

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Davey Sprockett
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LostInTheTrees wrote:

... Somehow it is always obvious which ones are from Davey though.

Compliment accepted. Thank you, Bob.

Davey Sprockett

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