O'Leary II

Event Date : 
Mon, 07/09/2012 - 10:00am - Tue, 07/10/2012 - 4:00pm
Near Cougar Reservoir

Lev Stryker from Cog Wild is going to lead this excursion. 

updated instructions:  Meet Cog Wild at the Ranger station at 9:30am on the 9th.  The directions below still are good for the camp spot.  The plan is to work Monday, ride Tuesday.


Hwy 126, turn off onto Road 19.  Also known as Aufderheide, and also leads to Cougar Reservoir.  After a mile or so, 19 makes a sharp right.  You go straight ahead at the curve onto road 410.  This leads to the base of the dam.  At the base there is a chainlink fence.  Turn left uphill onto road 411.  After 3ish miles, there is a significant thinning project and a spur road to the right.  Turn right and go 1/4 mile.

The goal for this outing is treadwork and brushing on the west end of O'Leary.  Bring power brushcutters, loppers and tread tools.  Parts of the trail are rocky, so mattocks and the like would be useful along with mcleods and hoes.

If some skilled berm builders show up, there is opportunity to transform some downhill turns into something special!

Thanks Lev and all the volunteers for helping resurrect and improve this great trail.

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