Best laid plans

So, I had this plan for yesterday. I'm not gonna call it a good idea since it involved road riding, brushcutters, a trailer full of trailwork gear and an early start to a Sunday...but it was a plan and those of you know me know that when I get an idea in the bucket...well...get out of the way.

I said to the Ol' Lady Saturday: "I'm gonna ride to trailwork tomorrow." Yes, you read that correctly. Why? Don't ask me.

So, I load the Burley D'lite with a brushcutter, gas, tools, coffee, food (read: chocolate chip cookies), work gear, a tire for someone, coffee, water, coffee, etc and get a good night's sleep-ish...good-ish.

It was a really pleasant (ish...pleasant-ish) ride from Rancho del Brocko to Bloomberg. Very little traffic, cool air and not a lot of hills. That trailer was a cruel mistress in the headwinds, just sayin'. Oh, and in crosswinds. The brushcutter hanging 4' out the back of the Burley was getting a few good looks as the few cars on the road passed or the early dog-walkers wondered what the hell the fat guy in the little jersey was doing. You get a lot of space when you tow a trailer with a three point bladed cutter hanging out the back...who knew?

The trip took about 20 minutes less than I anticipated so I had some time to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, early AM sun and a tour of Bloomberg's new singletrack. All in all, a good start.

We killed it once the work began. Lots of familiar faces and a few new ones, good times. A little drain work here, re-route there, berry abaitment everywhere, moving rocks, placing rocks, skinning a log for a log-ride, good times. Lots of smiles, sun and hardwork...good times. I got my sweat on and soon it was time to leave. 

A quick change of clothes, say my goodbyes...and what do you know? A hole in the sidewall of my rear tire. Not good times. So, I had a plan...and I'm riding home. I boot the tire, replace the tube and rollout with a bud to grab a Coke before busting home for a nice dinner with family. Rear tire? Holding on, sort of: wobble, wobble, thump...wobble, wobble, thump... sidewall is tearing in three spots...wobble, wobble, thump...

We get a soda, I put the Ol' Lady's recovery service on hold, buddy and I say our goodbyes and I decide to chance it...head for home. 5 minutes later...BOOM! Bastard sidewall ruins my plan. On the good end: my feet still work for walking and I got to spend a few extra minutes with the Ol' Lady.

All in all, it wasn't the day I planned...but it was a damn fine day.


Ride to live...or live to ride?

After getting my arse handed to me, again (it's not easy holding it...), on the ride last night, putting up with hail, road spray and chilly headwinds I wondered WTH. Why did I just do that? I'm *never* gonna lead any climbs, join a race, brag at how high my VO2 is. You'll NEVER hear me talk about how long I was able "redline it at 95%, bro!" It just aint gonna happen. But yet...there we were...grinding up Dillard in a hail downpour...there we were...on 99 riding through a lake and walls of semi-truck road spray. WTH? Then, after downing a couple Cadbury cream eggs on the way home and dreaming of some old-fashioned donuts I was greeted at the garage door by two little smiling faces, a "papa!' and "Why, why, why is your face all dirty?" I remembered why: so I could get those other two cream eggs in the cabinet behind the girls in the doorway!

Really...I'll always be super slow climber since my power to weight ratio will always be more like a John Deere than a Porsche, but maybe those days riding road in the hail will help me get a few more of those "papa"s and stories to read, cream eggs to eat.

Go ride a bike.


Where (almost) everybody knows your name...

It was good to get back to Barbie Camp after a two and a half year hiatus. When I rolled in mid-afternoon Friday there was already 12 or 15 folks in camp and I only knew half of them. I felt like a new comer and it was rad! That spot by Squaw Creek is awesome and even my wet-side loving ass can appreciate the beauty of the big Ponderosas, dusty soil and wide open views. My heart was done a great service seeing some old (that just means familiar, settle down) faces, telling stories with buds, meeting a few new folks, spinning the knobbies in the sun, sharing some fireside time with friends and having a fantastic potluck supper Saturday.

Barbie is alive and well and it was a great recharge of the ol' soul from The Grove. I won't be making all of them like I used to...but I'll be remembering all of them like it was yesterday.

Thanks to all who made Barbie Camp and thanks to those who carry it on.



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