Where (almost) everybody knows your name...

It was good to get back to Barbie Camp after a two and a half year hiatus. When I rolled in mid-afternoon Friday there was already 12 or 15 folks in camp and I only knew half of them. I felt like a new comer and it was rad! That spot by Squaw Creek is awesome and even my wet-side loving ass can appreciate the beauty of the big Ponderosas, dusty soil and wide open views. My heart was done a great service seeing some old (that just means familiar, settle down) faces, telling stories with buds, meeting a few new folks, spinning the knobbies in the sun, sharing some fireside time with friends and having a fantastic potluck supper Saturday.

Barbie is alive and well and it was a great recharge of the ol' soul from The Grove. I won't be making all of them like I used to...but I'll be remembering all of them like it was yesterday.

Thanks to all who made Barbie Camp and thanks to those who carry it on.



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