I'm light on new music.

I listen to most anything...mostly. Anyone have a lead on some good tunes? Keep your Yanni or Celine Deon albums ya nut job.

Slow and reflective. Aggresive and angry. Bouncy and...errr, scratch bouncy I think.

Anyway, Discuss.



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A few I like to listen

A few I like to listen too...

Modern Day Zero, Underwhelmed, New Medicine, One Less Reason, Rev Theory, Sister Sin.

For something a little more mello... Stephen Ashbrook's American B-Sides.



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Rock on with your socks on.

Thanks you two. I'll check out the indie site Roland. I'm already old...feeling out of touch and while listening to tunes last night I realized I've only added 11 songs to my confuser in the last year or so that are from this decade. I used to get a new CD or bucket of downloads every couple weeks.

Picky is good Stephanie...picky is good.



I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

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I've taken to listening to

I've taken to listening to Devil's Night Radio while I work, and grabbing the songs I like with SoundHound on my phone. Every few days I head to a (totally legit but 7-9 cents/song) website, and download the stuff I like. Doesn't cost a bundle, and I'm pretty pleased with my playlists.

Still, my process seems like more trouble than just downloading a load of tunes from the indie site. But my tastes are weird and I'm picky.


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Every month I download the

Every month I download the Indie Rock Playlist.


140 or so new hand-picked indie rock tunes every month.  Not every tune is great, but there are some real gems mixed in.  Great source of brand spankin new music if that's what you are looking for.


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