Spring Barbie Camp Recap

Holidays and traditions are a must, aren't they?  They're the framework that necessitates a pause in a life that holds an otherwise busy, busy family together.   Whatever holidays or family traditions you may hold dear, odds are that if you're a mountain biker in the area, Barbie Camp is right up there on your calendar of events.   2017 Spring Barbie Camp was held on April 21st-23rd. This year brought GORGEOUS weather along with gargantuan bon fires of epic proportions and a Saturday potluck of even greater magnitude.  Bikers eagerly dispersed Saturday morning from the campsite near Whychus Creek just outside of Sisters, OR to the nearby Peterson Trail Network System or beyond to Bend's amazing Phil's Trails-to as they say, "shred some 'gnar".  Afterward, like any other holiday tradition, folks gathered around the fire with food and drink and traded stories of the day and the year well into the evening.  As bellies became full, and the excited chatter started to lull a bit around the warmth of the fire, Davey Sprockett, in his usual tradition and jovial mood, leapt atop a massive tree stump and retold The Story of Barbie to a happy and content family of mountain bikers. 

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