On the singletrack with greatness...

What is the measure of greatness? Is it unmatched skills at an event or task? Is it a trophy case full of medals? Is it concurring a feat not thought humanly possible? Maybe each or all of them, but what if someone could do those things and still be humble enough to enjoy the company of relative mere mortals and just ride a friggin bike.

Saturday in the blistering summer heat nine of us joined a ride with ultra-endurance pro mountain bike rider Sonya Looney. The goal was to have a fun ride and learn some things about endurance mountain biking from a pro. Some of us met with her the night before at Hop Valley in Eugene to share a few pints and bs. Saturday morning was a fantastic breakfast at the Westfir Lodge and prep for the soon to follow ride.

We chose to shuttle up to Kate’s cut-in and head out to Chrome toilet. We arrived a bit past 11am and temps had already surpassed 80. It was going to be a long hot day. A quick loop around Chrome Toilet and back to Kate’s and we were back to Alpine and our trek to Tire. Smiles were everywhere because of the incredible hero dirt. Love riding OROR after a week of rain!

From dropping the old growth forest in tire to grinding back up the Windberry and North Shore Tie trails…this was an extreme test of endurance due to the heat. Some of us were bonking hard…but in the end we made it back to the Shiggy shack where ice cold Ninkasi awaited us.

It was a great day on the trails, spent with great people. Sonya may be a pro, but some of her greatness is not in her physical on bike abilities but more in how she is as a person. We all are great at something, and we all are people…so why not strive to be great people. If I took anything from her this weekend I hope it was that.

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