Runnin' with The Devil...

I've been to a lot of meetings this week, a lot. Not all DOD centric...but all necessary. And frankly, not too many of them were fun. However, without exception, they all had a more positive tone than I went in expecting. I hope they will also all result in more positive outcomes than I expected while going in. With these meetings I've done a lot of homework, prepping, resolving, exploring, reversing, drafting, starting over. Felt like an undergrad all over again.

I've had to hear some difficult things, share some unpopular opininions and face some tough a mountain biker and person in general. After one of these meetings, I was carefully listening to some grumblings by a few, eavesdropping if you will, about how they were disatisfied with the tone, outcome, feedback, possibilities for the future. I recognized the folks as ones who had been talking amongst themselves during the meeting, making snide remarks, being critical...yet never once did they do so loud enough for anyone more than an arms length away to hear. They didn't stand to be counted, they didn't make themselves heard...not really. 

As I smiled and stared at them after one particularly offensive and passive-aggressive comment towards a group other than themselves a man said: "Oh, you heard that?" "Yep. Pretty lame approach to problem solving." "What's your solution? I mean, since you have all the answers." "I tend to communicate with the one I have an issue with. Not with expectation of finality, winning, or being friends...but none of those things can happen when all I do is cry or preach to the choir."

His eyes glazed over and he drifted off to what I can only assume was his happy place of Natural Light beer, cheese doodles, muffin-tops, rebel yells and Skittles flowing forth from some unfortunate unicorn's rear.

I used to say...and fully believe...that the world is run by those that show up, period. Not true though, huh? You can't just show up. Sometimes you gotta tiptoe out on that limb, sing your song, run the flag up the pole and see what the hell happens. 

Stand up, be counted.


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