Ride to live...or live to ride?

After getting my arse handed to me, again (it's not easy holding it...), on the ride last night, putting up with hail, road spray and chilly headwinds I wondered WTH. Why did I just do that? I'm *never* gonna lead any climbs, join a race, brag at how high my VO2 is. You'll NEVER hear me talk about how long I was able "redline it at 95%, bro!" It just aint gonna happen. But yet...there we were...grinding up Dillard in a hail downpour...there we were...on 99 riding through a lake and walls of semi-truck road spray. WTH? Then, after downing a couple Cadbury cream eggs on the way home and dreaming of some old-fashioned donuts I was greeted at the garage door by two little smiling faces, a "papa!' and "Why, why, why is your face all dirty?" I remembered why: so I could get those other two cream eggs in the cabinet behind the girls in the doorway!

Really...I'll always be super slow climber since my power to weight ratio will always be more like a John Deere than a Porsche, but maybe those days riding road in the hail will help me get a few more of those "papa"s and stories to read, cream eggs to eat.

Go ride a bike.


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You have to remember the pay

You have to remember the pay off for us non-racer types is being able to enjoy those long rides during the prime riding months and not being mentally distracted by physical suffering.

I have gotten so soft with my company gym membership.  I can get 2 hours on a spin bike, 1 hr on my own / 1 hr spin class with sexy women.  Then I follow that up with a 1hr yoga class.  All in the comfort of an indoor climate controlled environment.  My kids periodically join me for yoga, too.  I can't even remember the last time I actually rode in the rain.

I can replicate road training intervals on the spin bike.  The interval workouts are a lot more precise on the spin bike.  But I can't even come close to replicating hill climbs or mtb trail conditioning.  I fully realized that yesterday, when I went out for a hill repeats workout in the Thurston hills.

So when I eventually make out for a group ride, you can look at me and have the satisfaction of knowing that I am suffering on a beautiful day because I was too soft to ride in bad weather.

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yes I agree with you, as

yes I agree with you, as somebody i ride with was saying that i need to race, i said why and the response was typical about all the stuff but as soon as he started talking about watching what i eat i knew i was never destined to race, besides the fact that i like you have 100 lbs on most of those guys.

but i do have to come out of the closet now and admit that i now have a road bike and the last 3 weeks have more miles on it than my MTB, they are no where as enjoyable as the MTB but they are still pedaling.  I can say that my tang surely hates doing anymore than 15 miles on the damn thing.

when i get back, my daughter asks to go out and ride.  someday i dream of riding on the trail with her, probably behind her of course because she will kick my old arse



see ya,

james the wannabe like..........


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