Nerves, of steel...?

Now...I consider myself a fairly cool cat. Pretty even tempered when I'm not being a raging asshole. 

I don't get skeered by a whole lot...don't get too excited by a whole lot...don't get too down about a whole lot.

After a particularly hairy moment some time ago a person involved in the mayhem said he was stunned by my nerves of steel. At the time I just thought: "Stop being a pussy and learn to take care of business." Now I'm thinking: "...but steel, while being a pretty strong and semi-resilient material rusts really really easily and takes a lot of care to last in most circumstances."

What brought this on you ask (or not)? I've been in a spin getting ready for our trip to Whizzler for the last couple days. Bike issues had me worried...but I got them fixed (I think...). A bud's passport issues had me worried...but he got it finally. Equipment issues had me worried...but I got it replaced. Old man body issues had me worried...but it's not gonna get fixed so...why worry? Now...Brockelman being a spaz when jumping big has me worried. Remember, steel is pretty tough and resilient but I'm not exactly known for being easy on things...especially me.

Anyway, nerves of steel? Maybe. Right now I'd prefer nerves of carbon fiber...with titanium inserts and unobtanium support brackets.

Hang on's gonna get hectic.


Davey Sprockett
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Didn't think you had nerves at all.

Davey Sprockett

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