LawlerPalooza Recap

The first ever Palooza in DOD history was held on May 20th and 21st.  The event was held as a showcase and unveiling of the brand new and super fun lower Lawler extension of the Lawler Trail System.   Friday was spent as a final dig day, putting on some finishing touches, while Saturday was reserved as a day of shuttles, raffles, pizza, brew and demo bikes.  Major thanks to the amazing crew of CogWild (now with a location based in Oakridge!) for their shuttle services.  Pivot Cycles was on site with a fleet of their latest and greatest bicycles (Which reminded this Disciple of Happy International 429 Day).  There was a towering mountain of stacked and warm pizza boxes full of yummy slices from Track Town Pizza to fuel the Disciples in between rides and plenty of Oakshire Brew to go around as well. 

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