Half of half.

Half my life. That hasn't always sounded like a long time, but it does now.

A few weeks ago the Ol' Lady, daughters and I went on a celebratory camping trip to the coast. What were we celebrating? The Ol' Lady and I had been a couple for 20 years. Cinco de Mayo 1992 we went on our first date. "Good lord I'm old" went through the old rust bucket brain more than once on the drive over. Thoughts of being thankful for a loving, lovely, forgiving, patient, funny and wonderful partner went through my mind as well, but still: damn...I'm old.

When the excitement of the day was done, marshmallows toasted, stories read and kisses given I remained by the campfire and let the mind wander: damn it feels good to be a gangster...err, holy crap I'm old. Of course I reminisced about how lucky I am to be with the Ol' Lady, to have my daughters and feel their love every time I see them...except for maybe when she first walks in to an ER or recovery room after yet another joint surgery, crash, experiement gone awry or such. Those sorts of things come to mind often anyway, but as I was thinking of those ladies being the best...the best things to ever happen in my crazy ass life I was also thinking of mountain biking, crazy that *I* would be thinking of mountain biking huh? 

The best trail I've ever ridden came to mind...damn, fun, challenging...and painful. The best riding partner I've ever had...what a patient, funny, scary fast prick they are. The best bike I've ever owned...and destroyed, mercilesly. The best "invention" for mountain bikes...love that they don't slip, can't steer if you can't hang on. Best post-apocolyptic ride meal...mmm, so spicy and tasty.

Best...funny word. Gets some curious and some scoffing. 

It's been a trip. Long at times, strange a time or three (yes, yes I went there ya stinky bassturds)...but it's been a good one. Enjoy the ride...it's the best you'll ever have.


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