Best laid plans

So, I had this plan for yesterday. I'm not gonna call it a good idea since it involved road riding, brushcutters, a trailer full of trailwork gear and an early start to a Sunday...but it was a plan and those of you know me know that when I get an idea in the bucket...well...get out of the way.

I said to the Ol' Lady Saturday: "I'm gonna ride to trailwork tomorrow." Yes, you read that correctly. Why? Don't ask me.

So, I load the Burley D'lite with a brushcutter, gas, tools, coffee, food (read: chocolate chip cookies), work gear, a tire for someone, coffee, water, coffee, etc and get a good night's sleep-ish...good-ish.

It was a really pleasant (ish...pleasant-ish) ride from Rancho del Brocko to Bloomberg. Very little traffic, cool air and not a lot of hills. That trailer was a cruel mistress in the headwinds, just sayin'. Oh, and in crosswinds. The brushcutter hanging 4' out the back of the Burley was getting a few good looks as the few cars on the road passed or the early dog-walkers wondered what the hell the fat guy in the little jersey was doing. You get a lot of space when you tow a trailer with a three point bladed cutter hanging out the back...who knew?

The trip took about 20 minutes less than I anticipated so I had some time to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, early AM sun and a tour of Bloomberg's new singletrack. All in all, a good start.

We killed it once the work began. Lots of familiar faces and a few new ones, good times. A little drain work here, re-route there, berry abaitment everywhere, moving rocks, placing rocks, skinning a log for a log-ride, good times. Lots of smiles, sun and hardwork...good times. I got my sweat on and soon it was time to leave. 

A quick change of clothes, say my goodbyes...and what do you know? A hole in the sidewall of my rear tire. Not good times. So, I had a plan...and I'm riding home. I boot the tire, replace the tube and rollout with a bud to grab a Coke before busting home for a nice dinner with family. Rear tire? Holding on, sort of: wobble, wobble, thump...wobble, wobble, thump... sidewall is tearing in three spots...wobble, wobble, thump...

We get a soda, I put the Ol' Lady's recovery service on hold, buddy and I say our goodbyes and I decide to chance it...head for home. 5 minutes later...BOOM! Bastard sidewall ruins my plan. On the good end: my feet still work for walking and I got to spend a few extra minutes with the Ol' Lady.

All in all, it wasn't the day I planned...but it was a damn fine day.


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Trail work on a bike!!!

Brock...I feel your crosswind/headwind pain with the D'lite. Mine catches the slightest breeze like I has sails attached to the top. I have actually done the same thing with my kids D'lite and a brush cutter in tow. It was hard to attach the bruch cutter as it stuck out so far...but made it work. I am just glad my commute was down a bike trail and not from the Grove. Many props to you for showing up on a bike.

Shawn Litson

Riding bikes to escape the voices in your head

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