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Spring Barbie Camp Recap

Holidays and traditions are a must, aren't they?  They're the framework that necessitates a pause in a life that holds an otherwise busy, busy family together.   Whatever holidays or family traditions you may hold dear, odds are that if you're a mountain biker in the area, Barbie Camp is right up there on your calendar of events.   2017 Spring Barbie Camp was held on April 21st-23rd. This year brought GORGEOUS weather along with gargantuan bon fires of epic proportions and a Saturday potluck of even greater magnitude.  Bikers eagerly dispersed Saturday morning from the campsite near Whychus Creek just outside of Sisters, OR to the nearby Peterson Trail Network System or beyond to Bend's amazing Phil's Trails-to as they say, "shred some 'gnar".  Afterward, like any other holiday tradition, folks gathered around the fire with food and drink and traded stories of the day and the year well into the evening.  As bellies became full, and the excited chatter started to lull a bit around the warmth of the fire, Davey Sprockett, in his usual tradition and jovial mood, leapt atop a massive tree stump and retold The Story of Barbie to a happy and content family of mountain bikers. 

LawlerPalooza Recap

The first ever Palooza in DOD history was held on May 20th and 21st.  The event was held as a showcase and unveiling of the brand new and super fun lower Lawler extension of the Lawler Trail System.   Friday was spent as a final dig day, putting on some finishing touches, while Saturday was reserved as a day of shuttles, raffles, pizza, brew and demo bikes.  Major thanks to the amazing crew of CogWild (now with a location based in Oakridge!) for their shuttle services.  Pivot Cycles was on site with a fleet of their latest and greatest bicycles (Which reminded this Disciple of Happy International 429 Day).  There was a towering mountain of stacked and warm pizza boxes full of yummy slices from Track Town Pizza to fuel the Disciples in between rides and plenty of Oakshire Brew to go around as well. 

ACM 2017 Event Report

It certainly was come one, come all at this year’s frozen, but sunny All Comers Meet.  An estimated 200+ people and their shiny mountain bikes descended upon the Carpenter Whypass trail system on January 15th for the annual tradition of food, MTB vendors, bonfire/social time and of course, shredding trail.  To top it off, REI came out in full force frying up bacon and serving coffee throughout the entire morning.

Bikes were wheeled into the parking lot and folks huddled together in the brisk morning air.  Gloved hands wrapped around cups of hot coffee or gripped handlebars in anticipation.   Before long, words of welcome were soon shared from atop a rock or a nearby tree stump.  Many thanks and applause were given to the dedicated trail workers who came out in the weeks prior to volunteer their time (holidays included!) to clean up the extensive mess that Snowmegeddon Eugene brought upon the Whypass Trail System so that all could ride that day.  And then, ride groups of differing ability levels were assembled in the parking lot and began departing in various directions, which to this onlooker seemed like the best parade ever! Riders and their bikes riding past in a semi-organized fashion in all their colorful and shiny glory-before dropping into a nearby trail.   Sounds of hooting and hollering could be heard throughout the trail system that morning, and this Disciple found herself smiling from ear to ear as she rode the now-familiar trail system taking in the views of sunlight spilling through the trees onto a frozen forest floor. 
And what is mountain biking without a blazing bonfire to warm up around and share stories of the day?   Eventually, as if being beconed by some sort of mothership, the different riding groups slowly rolled back into home base and found themselves surrounding the fire and eating free slices of Track Town Pizza, discussing the day or various other mountain biking events, gear or challenging one another to the highly competitive log slicing competition taking place across the way.  There were plently of vendors to check out: Trek was there with a fantastic fleet of shiny new demo bikes.  Isaac Johnson was there from Ding Ding Cycles, providing his mad mechanical skills, fixing flats and other services.  Andy Jones from Squish Dynamics was on hand along with his expertise in RockShox-answering questions about anything from seat post hydraulic systems to giving expert advise on how to maximize  your Rock Shox products.  Did I mention REI was there giving out bacon? 

Old friends were reacquainted and new friendships were forged huddled around the bonfire, or over handlebars or cups of Oakshire and Planktown brew….and another successful ACM is in the books.  See you next year!

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