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Pumpkin Pile

The Great Pumpkin Rides!

Yes indeed the Great Pumpkin does ride... he also crashes... but best of all he sure knows how to throw a spooky-fun party in the dark, dank woods of Whypass.

More than 25 ghouls & goblins gathered Thursday evening for the Vth Annual Haunted Forest Ride where conditions were perfectly spooky! Days & nights of pre-event rain left the forest soaking wet and trails a bit sloppy but fortunately night skies were dry for this terrifyingly fun event.

Early arrivals cautiously explored the deadly darkness in small groups until the official 7:30pm meetup at the Yellow Gate where a huge crowd gathered. Some riders lent a festive air to the event by decorating their bikes &/or bodies with lights or by wearing inappropriate clothing (uh... "Paulette").

The huge assembled group then divided in half... well, a big half and a little half anyway... to venture onto Whypass' booby trapped trails at varying speeds. Shortly after the ride's official start dense fog rolled in, providing an appropriately scary ambiance. Riders rolled past trailside skulls & spiders & jack-o-lanterns and other frightening nighttime surprises but stayed together for the protection of the collective -- nobody wanted to get lost off the back... forever. Before long a huge yellow moon arose, smothering Whypass in a horrifyingly Halloweenie mood. Nice!

Back at the pile post-ride, a bonfire warmed the assembled crowd as the group consumed snacks & brews. The Great Pumpkin decorated the pile with jack-o-lanterns & candles -- perfect! Jokes & lies were told, there was laughter in the air. Nobody wanted to go home but gradually the realization that tomorrow was a working day dawned on the crowd... so it dispersed into the foggy darkness... and another Haunted Forest Ride was history.

Thank you, Great Pumpkin!


Photos by Shawn Litson, DOD PR & Communications

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