This year’s All Comer’s Meet was unreal. It is hard to beat riding bikes with your friends on a bluebird day with snow in the trees and hero dirt on the ground after a full week without rain. Over 150 people showed up to make this the best attended ACM ever. The day started with groups of riders being organized into women’s, hammer, intermediate and slow-paced. As usual, the majority of riders, at least 60, jumped into the intermediate groups. Those groups broke off at the top of the first climb into about five smaller sub-groups. Everyone had a great time, with groups mixing, matching and meeting throughout our beloved WhyPass trail network. The air was calm and the skies shone blue often throughout the day. The snow on the ground was on the sides of the trail and served only to enhance the ride. There was some snow on the road connectors, allowing snow shredding enthusiasts to get freshies throughout the day.

The hammer group arrived first back at camp around 12:30 pm, and in hammer spirit clocked more miles than any of the other groups even though they rode less time. Eric’s bomb vegi chili was on by 1pm and people started gathering around the fire. There were many delicious pot-luck treats for people to munch on. Later in the afternoon the bonfire started to burn bright, the kegs of Ninkasi continued to flow, and people got to hang out and catch up with each other, discuss their rides, and enjoy the beautiful day. People were still gathered around the fire as the sun started to drop and everyone had to brave the icy roads back home. I was hoping for a sunny day this year after rain at the recent ACMs, but after experiencing this year’s ACM I have to say that a little snow and some sunshine made ACM VIII the best ever. See you next year at ACM IX!

—Max M. DOD Rides and Events Coordinator